Whether Positive Or Negative Emotions Are Contributing To A Health!

Published: 14th February 2012
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Our lives are getting more and more cluttered every year. Running back and forth between a hundred different things every day can make it difficult to remember to stay positive and upbeat. But being happy influences us and everyone around us, and it`s something we can control through our choices.

But, one problem in interpreting the literature is that in many cases, it is difficult to distinguish between the effects of positive and negative emotions. For example, do elderly living on their own or with family live longer because they are happy or because they are not sad? Interestingly, people's experiences of positive and negative emotions are partly independent in some circumstances. For instance, in looking back over the last month or year, one can reasonably report having been both happy and sad.

A definitive answer to whether positive or negative emotions are contributing to a health outcome can only come from studies that measure both types of emotions and examine their independent effects. Consequently, it is difficult to conclude from the existing literature whether happiness leads to a healthier and longer life or unhappiness results in a less healthy shorter one.

Here are given simple steps to be followed to stay happy and positive every day:

# Get Plenty of Sunlight

Even during the winter, going outside for a short walk will help boost serotonin levels and vitamin D levels and regulate your natural circadian rhythm. Find a way to spend some time outside every day. If nothing else, you can park a block or two away from work and walk the extra distance.

# Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating some fresh fruit every day is a great way to help your body out. Try to avoid heavily processed foods and snacks, and instead focus on eating more natural foods. Fresh, whole foods are often overlooked in the rush to finish off a dozen trivial errands, and we pay the price with our energy and mood.

# Deep Breathing

Set aside a few minutes to practice deep breathing every day. You can do this any time, whether it`s just after waking up or in the afternoon when the stress of the day has started to build up. Focus on your breathing, and take about twenty deep and slow breaths. You`ll be able to focus more clearly afterwards and the extra oxygen will naturally lift your spirits too.

# Practice Communication Skills

Learning to communicate with others is one of the most important ways to reduce stress and boost your happiness. Listening is one of the most important skills we can learn. Listen not only to what people are saying, but also to what they mean by it. Many arguments are started when we take what someone says too literally, instead of hearing what they really meant by it. Slow down before you respond and think about what they`re really saying. This is also a good time to take a deep breath or two!

# Be Grateful

Practice gratitude and show appreciation for others. Set aside a few moments every day to think about what you are truly thankful for. Then take action on those feelings of gratitude. Please and thank you will go a long way in building lasting relationships with people around you. One forgotten art is sending a hand-written thank you card. A hand-written note will stand out in the age of text messages and emails and really show how much you appreciate someone.

# Embrace Spontaneity

Be spontaneous. Do something you`ve been putting off and do it right now. Call someone you`ve been out of touch with or plan for that trip you`ve wanted to take. We sometimes get so caught up with the daily tasks and routines that we forget to actually live our lives.

# Learn to Give

Find a cause and volunteer to help out. There are lots of charity and non-profit organizations that need help. Use your skills to help them with their mission, or learn new ones as you volunteer. Finding opportunities to give of yourself is a great way to bring true fulfillment and connections with others into your life.

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